Our Immigration policies and loopholes have paved the way for Illegal Aliens to easily cross our borders from Mexico for decades.  As it stands now, there are 22 million Illegal Aliens in the United States, feeding off of $13.2 billion of taxpayer money.  The problem of security has been President Trump's priority since taking office. 

It was only a few short weeks ago that concerns about Immigration and security at the border skyrocketed to a fever pitch, with Democrats claiming that children were being ripped away from their "parents".  However, what the mainstream media refused to report is how parents were giving their kids to strangers, paying and allowing these men to have sex with them to cross the border! Many of these children sold into sex slavery, pedophile rings.  The bottom line is we need to not only stop this trend and save these children, but also secure our border from dangerous criminals like the savage MS-13 gang, who brutally murder, and drug cartels importing their poison.  Building the wall is key in keeping our sovereignty, security and Americans safe!

Fund The Wall's founder Quentin Kramer spoke to us on Real World Witness about his campaign to get the wall funded.  Tired of waiting around for Congress to fully fund the project, Kramer decided to do what many Patriots have been saying since President Trump's popular rally chant, "Build That Wall"- a fundraiser to get it done!  

Kramer recently obtained non-profit status and will be able to funnel almost 100% of the donations to the Department of Homeland Security, where a special account has been designated.  He plans to present the Foundation's first check of $100,000 soon, which is a great start!  He also reports that some big money donors have stepped forward, willing to put their money into the project. 

How can you get involved? Kramer stresses this campaign will hinge on word of mouth so donations raised can go directly to DHS.  This means it's up to Patriots to network, utilizing social media platforms, talking to family, friends, neighbors, churches, etc... to get donations flowing.  We all need to work together to get this done.  Kramer previews there will be a few ads to launch the campaign but ultimately it is up to us! Please get in the fight to secure our border and spread the word!

*Use the link above to send your donation to help Fund The Wall and let's #BUILDTHATWALL! 


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