Jayda Fransen is a Political Activist from Northern Ireland that landed in jail for 9 months after she commented on the trial involving a Muslim gang raping children.  She has spoken out against the increase in Sharia Law within the UK courts and how Freedom of Speech, Nationalism, Conservatism, as well as speaking the truth is rapidly being outlawed not only in England, but worldwide. She has been targeted and continually harassed, with her latest court appearance scheduled for 3/29 for “hate speech”.  She will likely receive a lengthy sentence.  












Doug and I interviewed her on our show last week and she expressed how tough it's been as she is unable to return to her home that she pays a mortgage on and has been holed up staying in costly hotels or with friends just to get by.  Today I received this email from her and urge every Patriot across the globe to please help her... DONATE 

Chrissy, I cannot tell you how happy I am!

Despite the constant harassment and persecution from the State, today something happened that has really lifted my spirits.


A very well respected, law abiding Christian Order called the Knights Templar International have offered to help me with my ongoing plight.


This organisation works worldwide to promoting and defending beleaguered Christians and their faith.

The notorious left-wing organisation, Hope not Hate often regard the Templars as The UK's most capable outfit.


With more than 5,000 dedicated Knights and Dames of the Knights Templar worldwide, the KTI hold rigidly to the ancient rites and traditions of the original order founded in 1119.

The New York Times reluctantly acknowledged that it was the Knights Templar International that were "to blame" for the election of US President Donald Trump and the overwhelming 'LEAVE' campaign that achieved Brexit!


With the majority of their members deriving from ex-military personnel, it is no wonder that the KTI have become internationally renowned for their courage and dedication.


Media coverage of their border patrols in the most precarious parts of Europe have demonstrated that they are the only force prepared to stare down the enemies of our lands.


As a Christian woman who has been subjected to years of death threats, financial strains and immense State persecution, I could not have hoped for a more worldwide influential movement to throw their weight behind me. 


Please take a look at their support page for me and, if you are able to contribute to help me in my struggle, you can do so here:

As ever, I remain dedicated to our cause Chrissy, and I am grateful to have your continued support.


God bless.

Yours sincerely,

Jayda Fransen

Jayda Fransen