By: Chrissy Piccolo

The Destruction of America

April 25, 2019


When I think of America, the first thing that pops into my head is the American Flag, apple pie, fireworks and baseball.  It’s the enduring tradition that has seen our nation through world wars, national disasters and horrific crisis, and is also embedded into the very fabric of everything that is good about this country.

Growing up, we were Red Sox fans as my parents were originally from Boston and it was the one thing my father and I connected on.  I’ll never forget the World Series of 1986. I bet my friends that Boston would win against the New York Mets.  We watched in horror when Bill Buckner threw it all away as the ball slipped right between his legs, forcing another game that they lost!  Of course all Red Sox fans said it happened because of the “Curse of the Bambino”! It wasn’t until we moved to Seattle that I got to go to a real baseball game, of course we had tickets for the Mariners-Red Sox.  It was thrilling! The smell of peanuts and beer, watching the teams warm up and I remember I actually got one of the balls the Red Sox hit!  The one thing that brings a tear to my eye is the opening song of our National Anthem, ‘God Bless America’.  I always get choked up.  It is the most beautiful moment, a part of every baseball game across the nation that reminds us where we came from and the brave men who fought to give us our freedoms. 

Unfortunately, it’s another part of Americana the leftist globalists are attempting to completely destroy. 

In this country, even if you don’t follow baseball, you’ve heard of the New York Yankees and in fact 42% of

Americans know who they are. Last week the organization made the decision not to play singer Kate Smith’s rendition of ‘God Bless America’ because she supposedly sang a few racists songs in the 1930’s and went so far as to cover up her statue!  The hockey team the Philadelphia Flyers quickly followed suit a few days later, announcing the removal of her version of the National Anthem. 

But let’s take a closer look between the lines because this has nothing to do with Kate Smith and everything to do with eradicating our Patriotism.

In today’s world, politics have crept into every single aspect of our daily lives.  The leftist point of view is spewed on every single news and talk show, even television and movies are beating to the same drum as they shape our young.  Political Correctness is killing our culture, our very way of life.  Everything is deemed ‘racist’. Accusations of being racist, a homophobe, xenophobe, white supremacist are at an all time high. The mainstream media, entertainment industry and politicians use one of the ugliest times in our history to paint the founding of this nation as evil and instill hatred for anything American. Why? It’s how the globalists who want to crush our nation attack Americana at its core.

The removal of Kate Smith’s rendition of ‘God Bless America’ has absolutely nothing to do with a singer who might have sung a racist song almost 90 years ago.  No.  It’s simply the vehicle in which the globalist elite can eliminate our history and destroy the core foundation upon which our country was founded- our Constitution and God. Those in leadership roles who are paid puppets to the globalist elite have desperately been attempting to do this for decades because in removing God from our daily lives and forgetting who we are as a nation, America is dead.    

It was only 18 years ago this nation’s patriotism was at an all time high after 9/11.  While it came out of the most diabolical terrorist attack on our soil, it unified us as a people.  One Nation, under God and indivisible. Entertainers across the nation stood shoulder to shoulder as we all mourned and our President vowed those responsible for killing 3,000 men, women and children on his watch would be brought to justice! Flags were flown everywhere! I even had one on my car, with a ‘United We Stand’ sticker on the back.  For me, it was one of the proudest moments- to be an American meant something.  We knew we were the greatest country on earth and we weren’t afraid to show it!


Fast forward to 2019 and we’ve got politicians so hateful of our country they refuse to do their jobs and instead want open borders so our country will cease to exist.  We’ve got two women in Congress who are Muslim, sworn in on the Qur’an, NOT the Bible, condemning our military for having to go to Afghanistan and Iraq to fight those that attacked us!  We’ve got a mainstream media that report 93% negatively about our own President! They were complicit in continuing a lying narrative for 2 ½ years, the Russia Collusion Delusion, working with the Obama administration to illegally stop Donald J. Trump from becoming President and then to oust him in an attempted coup! 


We’ve got an entertainment industry so hell bent on destroying our culture, they’ve hijacked our young, using actors with so much hate for our traditional ways of life, they urge their followers away from anything about America and Godly.  They celebrate the slaughter of the innocent through Planned Parenthood, selling the lie it’s all about a woman’s ‘right to choose’ to murder!  Hell, it’s legal to literally kill a new born!  Depravity is the norm! Satanism is spreading like a wildfire out of control! Look how far we have fallen as a nation!  We all have blood on our hands! Last year we endured spoiled, rich and holier than thou athletes taking a knee to our National Anthem and flag throughout the NFL! Look how far we have fallen as a nation!  We all have blood on our hands! And now, not only has God been removed from our schools, local sports and even from churches, one of our favorite defining pastimes, baseball, is next. 


The day America dies is the day we stop remembering who we are, our history no matter how ugly and the men and women who have lost their lives fighting for it.  That day is sadly coming soon unless we as a nation start standing in unity again.  We can’t move forward unless we look back and understand who we are as a united nation, under God and indivisible with liberty and justice for all Americans. We must be proud of where we come from, embrace our struggles- the good and the bad, otherwise America will be lost forever and future generations will never know why the United States of America is the greatest country on earth.


God Bless America.     


April 20, 2019











As Holy Week began for billions of Christians and Jews worldwide, an historic cathedral was diabolically set on fire.  While there is no group officially taking responsibility, social media outed the glee by those against Christianity, as well as in photos of Middle Eastern men jumping for joy at the scene. The fire of the Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, France marks the latest in a series of horrific, calculated desecration of Christian churches, statues and other religious icons across Europe.

The fight between Islam and Christianity has been going on for thousands of years, as some believe it to be a holy mission to rid the earth of Christianity. It's a a clash of ideologies that millions of people worldwide take very seriously, so much so they literally sacrifice their lives in the name of their God, 'Allah'. There have been Christians persecuted all over the world, yet in the United States little is known about it because our Deep State government controlled mainstream media refuse to report on it.  While the death and destruction of Christians and Jews has been going on for centuries, today it's at an all time high, expressed in Revelations as the “End of Days”. There are Christians like Jayda Fransen and Tommy Robinson in the United Kingdom who face prison for simply reporting on anything involving Muslims, or warning that Islam is the biggest threat to humanity and civilization we face today.

Here in the United States the Democrats and Elitist billionaires are pouring money to back the leftist ideology to ultimately shut down our First Amendment Right to Free Speech on social media platforms Twitter, Facebook and on YouTube. Anything said against Muslims or Islam is immediately deemed 'hate speech' and Conservatives are being tossed off at an unprecedented rate! Political Correctness is literally killing Freedom of Speech in favor of these Jihadists who's only mission in life is to conquer the west, our values and sovereign civilizations! Unfortunately, leaders in power across the globe are shockingly aiding this revolution against Christianity. Globalists are in bed with Islam allowing the takeover of governments, effectively transforming them into Muslim countries where Islam rules. A great example is the fall of the United Kingdom.

The mainstream media in the United States are complicit in shutting down the truth about what is happening to Christians and Jews worldwide.

On Monday, April 15, 2019 on CNN, Shep Sheppard had whom he described as an "elected official" from Paris on to talk about the Notre Dame Cathedral. The mere mention of the fact that this fire is just one of several that have been destroyed in as many months by those against Christians got the interview immediately cut short! Why? Because our government controlled mainstream media doesn't want Muslims to be implicated or the truth heard! It is their intention to glorify Islam, get rid of our Constitution and push towards an Islamic takeover of this country! The takeover is slowly happening here using same tactics as in the UK and other countries in Europe like France. Muslims are being elected into positions of power within our communities, which then expands into Congress, where today two Muslim Congresswomen sworn in on the Qur’an, are now showing their true agenda, which is to condemn America.

Our politicians, mainstream media and entertainment industries have been pushing the narrative that Islam is the "religion of peace", utilizing people like terrorist sympathizer Linda Sarsour, who lies as she sells the idea that Islam empowers women, in an attempt to brainwash the young into acceptance. This couldn't be further from the truth! Islam is just the opposite!

The ideologies between Christianity and Islam are vastly different, as Christians and Jews follow the word of God in the Bible and Muslims the Qur'an.

God gives himself many names throughout the Bible; however 'Allah' is not one of them. The big lie is that Christians and Jews worship the same God as in the Qur’an. This is not true. The God of Hebrews is Yeshua, one of many names God gives himself in the Scriptures. There are over 3,000 various names that are used in the Bible, but 'Allah' isn't mentioned once. Muslims claim that the reason for this is because He is not the one and only true God. I suppose one could argue maybe God didn't think it was important to include 'Allah' as one of the thousands He put forth within the Bible, but if God's word is true, as the Creator why omit it?

Islam cannot be traced back to Abraham and his sons. Islam did not exist until Mohammad was born in 570 CE.  It wasn’t until he was 40 years old that he received his first revelation in the cave Hira, which became the Qur’an. Previously people in the Middle East, in Saudi Arabia worshiped deities, a variety of Gods, much like the Egyptians. None were the God of Abraham. In ancient times it was blasphemy to believe in a single God, which in Islam, is the reason that Mohammad had to flee from Mecca to Medina. It was against everything people believed and Mohammad was literally chased out of town for his belief in 'Allah'.

There are specific Scriptures within the Bible and Qur'an which demonstrate how different Christianity and Judaism is from the religion of Islam and proves that Islam is a religion unto Satan.

Muslims are allowed to deceive to do whatever it takes against Christianity as they wage their holy war across the world. If that means committing atrocities like murder, arson, assault or other crimes against humanity for their jihad, it's deemed a necessary evil.  Simply put, if you refuse to accept Islam as your religion, you will be killed. If you are homosexual, they throw you off rooftops because it’s against Islam to be gay. If you're a woman, you have less rights than animals. This is not what God preaches. This is not what Jesus Christ died for. This is not a religion that is willing to compromise, accept other points of view or assimilate into other cultures. Can you see a parallel that is happening in the United States now?  What party is shutting down our Freedom of Speech?  Deeming anything said against Muslims as “hate speech”? Which party refuses to allow any other point of view and is censoring Conservatives on social media?  Why is the truth being quashed? Which party wants open borders so that we as a nation will cease to exist? Which party doesn’t care about American culture anymore? Which party is effectively implementing elements of Islam?  Which party has two Congresswomen spewing hate against America…the Democrat Party.   

Muslims practicing Islam thrive and infest societies in a holy quest to overtake their enemies, which is anyone who refuses to believe in 'Allah'. This is why Islam is the greatest threat to mankind's civilization.

Here are a few examples, passages that depict the differences between God in the Bible and Qur'an that prove the Qur'an is the devils toy to deceive, destroy and conquer:

*Allah is the greatest of all deceives: (Qur'an 3:54);

*And the devil that deceived them: (Revelation 20:10)

*Satan is the God of this wold: (2 Corinthians 4:3-4)

*In the Bible, Satan is the Destroyer: (1 Corinthians 10:10)

*The Bible says Satan="terror"; The Qur'an says Allah="terror"

*All they know thee (Lucifer/Satan) among the people shall be astonished at thee:

thou shalt be a terror and never shalt thou be any more (Ezekeil 28:19 KJV)

*Remember when your Lord revealed to the angels: I am with you, therefore make from those who believe.

I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve.

Therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them: (Qur'an 8:12)

*He that committeth sin is of the devil; for the devil sinneth from the beginning.

For this purpose the Son of God was manifested that He might destroy the works of the devil: (1 John 3:8)

*Allah Apostle said: "I have been made victorious with terror" (Bukhari 52:220)

*Thou shalt not kill: (Exodus 20:13)

*And kill them wherever you find them (Qur'an 2:191)

*Fight them! Allah will chastise them at your hands and

He will lay them low and give you victory over them (Qur'an 9:14)

*Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do.

He was a murderer from the beginning and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him.

When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar and father of it: (John 8:44)

*Allah Apostle said: The Hour will not be established until you fight with the

Jews and the stone behind which a Jew will be hiding will say:

"O Muslim! There is a Jew hiding behind me, so kill him" (Bukhari 52:177)

*These things have I spoken unto you, that ye should not be offended. They shall put you out of the synagogues: yea, the time cometh, that whosoever killeth you 'will think' that he doeth God service.

And these things will they do unto you, because they have not know the Father nor me (John 16:1-3)

*The thief (Satan) cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy:

I AM (Jesus) come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly (John 10:10)

*We shall cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve,

because they joined others in worship with Allah: (Qur'an 3:151)

*Ye worship ye know not what we know what we worship; for salvation is of the Jews (John 4:22)

*Fight against those who believe not in Allah, nor in the Last Day, nor forbid that which has been

forbidden by Allah and His Messenger, and those who acknowledge not the 'religion of truth' among the people of Scripture (Jews and Christians), until they pay the Jizyah with willing

submission and feel themselves subdued (Qur'an 9:29)

*But the fearful and unbelieving and the abominable and MURDERERS, and whore mongers and

sorcerers and idolaters and ALL LIARS will have their part in the lake

which burneth with fire and brimstone, which is the second death (Revelation 21:8)

*Say (O Muhammad): Whoever is an enemy to Jibreal (Gabriel), let him die in this turfy, for indeed he has brought it (this Qur'an) down to your heart by Allah's Permission, confirming what came before it (ie the Taurate (Torah) and the Ijeel (Gospel) and guidance and glad tidings for the believers (Qur'an 2:97)

*But though we or an 'angel from heaven' (Gabriel/Jibrel) preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you let him be accursed! As we said before so say I now against, if any man (Muhammad) preach any other gospel (Qur'an) unto you than that you have

received (Bible) let him be accursed! (Gelations 1:8-9)

*And no marvel for Satan himself is transformed into an 'angel of light' There fore,

it is no great thing if his ministers (Muhammad) also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works (2 Corinthians 11:14-15)

*If Qur'an 10:37 is true, which is a "confirmation of the Scriptures", the Allah Muslims worship is the devil himself. Jesus says you must be Born Again with His Holy Spirit

to enter into the Kingdom of Heaven (John 3:3-8 and Matthew 3:11-12)

To give these scriptures from the Bible and Qur'an some context and history, Allah predates Islam by over a thousand years and was a minor deity in the Temple of Baal worshiped throughout the Middle East. Baal was an ancient Mesopotamian deity associated with agriculture, considered to be the "giver of life" and mankind was dependent on this deity to sustain their farms, flocks and herds. Allah, who was a moon God, is mentioned in Babylonian stone tablets approximately 1700 years before Christ. What scholars have deciphered from those tablets is that the pagan God "Allah" is the deity of "violence and revolution", who urged the other Gods to overthrow the Divine ruler....creator of all....God! Hence, the Devil (Satan/Lucifer) of the Bible = The Allah of the Qur'an & Hadith.

Islam is not the religion of peace. It a Lucifarian ideology that has waged holy war for thousands of years under the guise of unity. As Christians we must stand strong and hold our ground or the world will fall completely under Islamic Rule.


Special Report by Douglas Ducote

April 18, 2019

America is on the brink of a total invasion and takeover.  The crisis at our southern border is most definitely NOT a manufactured one as the Democrats and their Hollywood buddies would have you believe.  In March, border patrol caught an unprecedented 100,000 illegal immigrants attempting to cross our border, many identified as drug cartel members, MS13 gang members or human traffickers.  Democrats scream about open borders which would allow these criminals to freely bring their drugs, weapons, and those they enslave for sex rings, unfettered.  Yesterday Arizona finally declared a State of Emergency as they are overrun, ill-equipped to deal with the amount of illegal immigrants crossing into the U.S.  Sadly the report from the Texas-Mexico border is not much better.  Our borders are open, with thousands of miles that have no barriers at all!  It’s a “manufactured crisis”, but one orchestrated by Democrats and those elites funding the caravans heading for our border.

Military Veteran Douglas Ducote decided he wanted to see for himself what is going on, so made the trek to the Texas-Mexico border on Tuesday.  While there he was embedded with patrol units that assist law enforcement at the border in surveillance.  He witnessed first-hand Illegals wading across the Rio Grande in the dead of the night, crossing our border.  During a 4 hour period of time, in a small section of the open border, 170 Illegals were apprehended thanks to the patrol units.  While capture is a huge undertaking due to the gaps of secured border and lack of personnel, another major issue is that the border facilities holding illegals have breached capacity!  This is why over 25,000 in the month of March were released into US cities and now, President Trump is looking at sending illegal immigrants to Democrat Sanctuary Cities, although now Democrats are appalled at this solution. 

Ducote explained the process once illegals are detained is an expensive, lengthy one. He learned that once apprehended, they go through the process of being separated by the country and shockingly stated that some are Muslims from the Middle East, now working with the Mexican drug cartels! Others are from Cuba, China and various parts of Central and South America. Why are there so many from other countries in these caravans? They get deported when attempting to come in through our airports or other ports of entry checkpoints.  Unfortunately Mexico is permitting illegals from Central and South America to cross their border instead of stopping them or closing it.  Although President Trump has threatened to reduce financial aid, he's giving them a year to comply to cooperate with the U.S. 

Another major hurdle is identification.  Most of those attempting to illegally cross the border have no identification, fake identification or if the identification is legit, have criminal records in the United States.  This is why when President Trump enacted the travel ban, NOT Muslim ban, it was for countries with no identification process, who refuse to comply with US law enforcement or are involved in terrorist activities. Drug cartels, human traffickers, weapons dealers are all embedded within the caravan and due to the miles of gaps with no walls or barriers, they effortlessly cross into the United States.  He further reported there is an enormous lack of resources as law enforcement agencies in every state sharing the Mexican border are overwhelmed, with not enough funding to hire the amount of personnel required to combat this crisis.


One of the biggest issues that Democrats cry about is separation of families, though it has been the standing protocol during every previous administration with no objections.  Ducote confirmed that “families” are separated while they attempt to identify drug mules, human traffickers and if the children with adults are in fact their parents or relatives versus coyote’s paid by their parents to bring them into the country for sex rings.  All detainees are given medical attention, basic food, water.  Fingerprints and photos are taken including of any identifying marks such as tattoos, birth marks, etc... Criminal histories are run, though it’s difficult because the vast majority have no identification or present fake credentials.  From this point, they are taken to advocates who speak Spanish or use interpreters and literally fill out the paperwork for those claiming “asylum”, making sure they fit the criteria.  It’s important to note that our Immigration courts are backlogged with over 900,000 cases pending as of February 2019!  In my opinion, a glaring issue is the advocates and translators who fill out the paperwork.  They pretty much deem every illegal as seeking asylum, which is preposterous and the fact that 93% of the asylum cases are thrown out for lack of evidence make that clear!  This is a monumental flaw in our system that must be immediately addressed!

The next question I have is why not just temporarily close the southern border like President Trump has threatened?  The problem is people who live in Mexico or the US and legally cross our border through checkpoints for work would be affected.  So what is the solution?


Americans are not looking at this crisis for what it is…an invasion.  It’s an aggression against our sovereignty of epic proportions, a Humanitarian Crisis involving enslavement of men, women and children for sex rings, drugs pouring across to incapacitate Americans into submission and enable the criminal elements that have been complicit within our government to continue their global criminal endeavors, as well as mission to gain full control over America.  Let’s not forget that Nazi collaborator George Soros has been financially backing key American politicians in every level of government for decades and has admitted, “Destroying America will be the culmination of my life’s work”.  He, as well as others who support the taking down of America, are currently involved orchestrating this crisis at our border by helping to fund it through numerous organizations. The people orchestrating and perpetuating this intrusion of our nation are the Democrats, the Hollywood elite and their media puppets, who have conjured chaos not only at our southern border, but throughout our country.  One question Ducote notes asked by law enforcement and border patrol is why Democrats like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, Maxine Waters, Adam Schiff, Kamala Harris, Alexandria Cortez-Acosta and other members refuse to visit the border to see for themselves the mess they’ve created first-hand? Simply put, it doesn’t fit their narrative and agenda.  Instead they sit on their high horse screaming that it’s racist to stop people from illegally coming into our country!  Let’s see this ruse for what it is- it’s about votes and taking over America…period!

What do I mean when I say taking over America?  One of the most horrific news Ducote learned from law enforcement is that Islamic Terrorists have set up five to seven training camps just across the border from Brownville, Texas where he was located.  He was told that these Islamic Terrorists are now working with the drug cartels. Muslims who look Hispanic are penetrating the caravan by disguising themselves as asylum seekers.  In addition to this, Muslims are insinuating positions of power within our government in an effort to slowly crush our freedoms and destroy our Constitution.  Don’t believe me? What about Congresswoman Ilhan Omar?  She’s definitely a racist against Jews, Christians, Israel, claiming our military is to blame for 9/11.  Sworn in on the Qur-an instead of the Bible, Omar and Rashida Tlaib clearly have an agenda to turn their supporters against America.  Why in the hell hasn’t House Speaker Nancy Pelosi condemned Omar for her outright treasonous comments against our country?  Why is it okay for her to spew her hate speech yet remain in her position?  It’s because ultimately Democrats and their globalist cohorts want to get rid of our Constitutional freedoms to usher in Islamic Rule.  All you have to do to see where this country is headed is look at the United Kingdom.  Instead of Muslims entering their country and assimilating to their customs, rule of law and culture, they’ve effectively transformed the UK into their own country.  They demanded and succeeded in getting UK leadership to create separate courts for Muslims, allowed them to take over cities and declared them Muslim only “no go zones’ for British citizens.   We spoke with Jayda Fransen, a Political Activist who has been warning that Islamic takeover is the greatest threat we face in Western Civilization today.  She was imprisoned for 9 months for it.  She was recently found guilty of “hate speech”, because she dares to ring the warning bell about the Islamic jihad being waged across the globe.  Now look what’s happening here in America.  Conservatives are being thrown off social media platforms in droves. Anyone that speaks the truth about the dangerous political climate is labeled a racist, xenophobe, homophobe, a Nazi, a white supremacist.  Political Correctness is shutting down our free speech to ensure the left’s skewed version of reality is the only one you see.  It’s why our mainstream media refuse to report the truth about our situation! They have vowed to maintain the illusion, rigorously, desperately spinning their web of lies!

While all this is very disturbing, Ducote learned something even more abominable.  Last week in Madamoros, Mexico, just across the border from Brownville, Texas, a Christian daycare was held hostage by Islamic Terrorists.  These animals took babies and slammed them against the wall, killing them in the most brutally savage manner!  Of course you’ll never hear this story on mainstream media.  In fact, due to control by the drug cartels in Mexico, the only way this story came to light was when people who live near the scene told border patrol what happened.  There was a total blackout by US media about this story.  Still believe Islam is the “religion of peace”?  What kind of religion allows the slaughter of the defenseless?

The only way we can combat what is happening at our southern border is to see it for what it is- an organized, well-funded attack on our nation.  President Trump promised to make America safe again.  It’s crunch time.  We need to defend our southern border.  For decades our military have been deployed worldwide to secure other countries, with trillions of taxpayer dollars dispatched to help.  The time has come for our military to secure our country.  If President Trump does not order at least 100,000 military troops to cover the gaps in our border, use whatever force is necessary to ensure the safety, security of our communities and defend it, this country will cease to exist.  It will collapse because we cannot sustain the influx of illegal immigrants, criminal cartels and those that mean this country harm.  There is no place to hold them as we are at capacity.  As Americans, our taxes are supposed to support what’s best for this country.  At this point, the only thing that can ensure survival of America is military deployment to our border. Americans need to buckle up because if this doesn’t happen, there will be no more America and Democrats will achieve their globalist agenda.

Be sure to catch Doug Ducote’s full report on Real World Witness, tonight at 10pET, with a follow up Special Edition Friday, April 19.  Subscribe to our YouTube channel and sign up to keep in touch with Doug via his new website. 


BETWEEN THE LINES- The Murphy Brown Report

April 4, 2019







October 4, 2018 marked the highly hyped return of the 1990’s political sitcom, Murphy Brown, portrayed by Candace Bergen.


Although I watched the tail end of its first run and laughed at the jabs Murphy would make of Bush/Clinton/Quail/Gore, as well as other prominent DC Swampers, I never really thought of it as a show that could sway public opinion or even hurt the country. I mean, it was all in jest right? Not so fast!


While it premiered to solid ratings according to the Nielsen ratings with a roughly 7.5M viewership in the coveted 18-49 demographic, it rapidly plummeted by its 13th episode, ending in an abysmal viewership of under 4M.  CBS has not decided if they will renew it as of this date and if CBS is watching, I say it’s time to put this old school, blatant attempt at brainwashing Americans into hating Trump and this country, 6 feet under where it belongs!


In my opinion the dive in ratings is indicative of the predicable attacks against President Trump which included a ‘twitter war’ that ensued throughout the season between Trump and Murphy, but that’s not all it did.  It also depicted Patriots, those who support Trump and military personnel as cagey, untrustworthy, irrational and violent towards the left, all of which couldn’t be further from the truth.  What’s interesting is everything the Loony Left do and how they operate is being projected onto Trump, Patriots and went so far as to claim that President Trump controls the mainstream media! Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? If that’s the case, why would he continually say they produce “Fake News” and call them out on their biased coverage, with 93% of it completely anti-Trump? Murphy says in one breath how wrong the President’s tweet was the media is the “enemy of the people”, yet in the next tries to claim he’s controlling them? Holy conflicting statements Batman! Talk about Democrat logic on steroids!  But I digress…


Now let's chat about the Murphy Brown.  It was tough watching this deliberate attempt to twist every single thing the President does, but even more disturbing was how they spun the same leftist narratives regurgitated in every news outlet and talk show we currently see in the media! I know, I know, I shouldn’t be surprised, I mean it’s a tv show filmed in Hollywood, the cesspool of anti-Trump, anti-America hate.  But honestly, it made me wonder if they employed Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper to write for them!   


Nothing was off limits. The premiere was appropriately titled “Fake News” because everything that spewed from Murphy’s mouth was literally fake news! In the series opening we see Murphy's horror as she watches the historic election and Donald J. Trump win! Of course next we see the old gang at the pub taking a break from protesting the Inauguration of President Trump. Frank Fontana (Joe Regalbuto) strolling in with a pussy hat was priceless and solidified how ridiculous these ill-informed sheeple are! From there, a plethora of hot button topics are calculatingly thrust into the forefront as Murphy and her counterparts expelled the leftist point of view to remind the audience of the anti-Trump, far-left wing version of reality we hear day after day on a continual loop.


From the travel ban to ‘global warming”, oh wait I’m sorry, now the left has repackaged it as “climate change”, to gun control and training teachers to use them in schools, open borders, illegal immigration, to the fact the President doesn’t have a dog because that proves what exactly? That he hates animals? This series is meant to fan the flames of an already volatile, unhinged, Trump Derange Syndromed Left and biased Deep State Propaganda Media.


Here are a few actual bits of real news on some of these topics…


First- the travel ban which Murphy Brown was quick to call ‘Muslim Ban’, the buzz word used on every news and talk show for the last 2 years! Did you know that it only included countries that President Obama banned when he enforced it? Those countries are Iran, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and Sudan. In a January 17, 2018 article, The Pew Research Center states that of these seven countries included in the travel ban, "only one, Iran, is among the 10 countries with the largest Muslim population." It further reports that the "country with the largest Muslim population is Indonesia, with 87.1%" identifying as Muslim. That's approximately 209 million! India comes in with the second largest Muslim population with about 176 million. Muslim growth in Europe is growing rapidly, even if migration were to halt.  I have a question...if this is the case, why have the mainstream media and Democrats been screaming that the President enacted a ban on Muslims? Why lie? It's to paint President Trump as a racist...period! The goal of the Democrats, Globalist Elites is to divide this country. How do you divide a country? By keeping the lie you want the public to believe going via a corrupt mainstream media, entertainment industry and jaded politicians. Did you know that the countries included in the travel ban are involved in terrorist activities, refuse to cooperate with the United States officials and most do not have any identification process? So if someone leaves from that country, flies here there is no way to fully identify them. Apparently, the liberal writers over at Murphy Brown prefer expelling their Fake News narrative rather than researching actual facts!


Next, let’s talk about ‘Climate Change’. Since Al Gore’s grandiose “Global Warming” prediction that the ice caps would melt by 2013 failed, now the Left call it ‘Climate Change’ and were mortified when President Trump pulled America out of the slush fund called The Paris Climate Accord. Of course Murphy took a jab at this, claiming that Trump doesn’t care about the environment.  However, the truth is it’s a hoax. In 2006 Al Gore’s infamous “An Inconvenient Truth” was released, warning us that the planet was in “a true planetary emergency”, thanks to greenhouse gasses, CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) emissions created by mankind. He warned that the ice caps would be completely melted by 2013…and the wait continues! Fact is, Global Warming is a huge hoax, a way to create a slush fund to push a Globalist agenda. In a June 5, 2017 interview with LinkedIn, Dr. Don Easterbrook, Professor, Climate Scientist and Glacier Expert at Western Washington University said we are actually in a 20-year cooling of the Earth, not warming. According to Easterbrook there is no correlation between climate change and carbon dioxide levels and in fact 32,000 American Scientists have signed statements attesting to this. He adds, “These people are ignoring real time data that has been substantiated and can be replicated and are simply making stuff up”. He further added, “What they are doing in the U.S. is using CO2 to impose all kinds of restrictions to push a socialist government.” It is a Trillion-dollar scam, another way for politicians and their Elite Globalist partners to enrich themselves. But the latest BS is from Congresswoman Alexandria Acosta-Cortez, who is trying to sell the world on the New Green Deal that will eliminate cars, planes, and yes even cows…because you know, they fart and it creates harmful carbon dioxide!  Talk about pure absurdity!  Forbes lays out exactly why this new plan can't work in a February 9, 2019 article. Democrats are caught once again trying to sell us on an illusion! Let's get one thing straight regarding CO2 emissions...according to Forbes, China emits more carbon dioxide than the U.S. and EU combined! So if any country is screwing this planet over, it's China, with India trailing closely behind! I can agree there are numerous things that we humans do that are harming our incredible planet, such as destroying rain forests and a myriad of other destructive deeds, however evidence shows carbon dioxide does not adversely affect Climate Change, so let's see the issue for what it is and lay this Climate Change hoax to bed once and for all!

Gun control is another huge issue that Murphy Brown couldn’t stop herself from addressing.  Every time there is a school shooting or mass shooting, the far-left scream that it’s the gun’s fault and that our Constitutional Right to Bear Arms should be stripped away, guns confiscated because the law-abiding American citizens are the problem.  Seriously?  The only reason these globalist puppets need Americans to surrender our weapons is because until that happens, there can be no takeover! They fear the militia in this country- our veterans, who they keep attempting to say are mentally unstable so they can disarm them, retired law enforcement and those Patriots who covet freedom.  It’s also why they scream about changing our Constitution, have Muslims in Congress who were sworn in on the Quran, not the Bible!  And gun control clearly doesn’t work.  Look at Chicago, where there are the strictest gun laws in the country yet the highest murder rate.  Why? Because criminals using the guns get them illegally anyway!  Makes absolutely no sense to take away law-abiding American’s right to protect themselves, families and property.  They’re not the ones committing these heinous crimes!  Meanwhile Democrats continue to slowly attempt to disarm law-abiding Americans, even as the privileged politicians and celebrities can walk around with armed security!  Bottom line…it is every American’s God given right to bear arms and I’ll be dammed if we will roll over and allow them to take our guns! Not going to happen! 

But back to Murphy Brown…

One of the shticks of the series was that Murphy could never keep her secretaries and this hasn’t changed. Imagine my shock when the elevator doors opened to…that’s right! Hillary Clinton! Appropriately clad in a devilish red pant suit, she slithered in to interview with Murphy for a secretary position. I guess when you're under investigation into money laundering, child sex trafficking and selling out your country to the highest bidder and you can’t do pay-to-play schemes with countries like Iran, Saudis Arabia and Australia, you take whatever gig you can get! Wonder how much the network forked over to have the witch fly over on her broomstick? Hillary is like that annoying gnat that never goes away! Anyone within a 5 ft radius can smell the stench of deceit, deception and pure evil. She’s still bitching about losing the election, asking “What Happened”? What happened was Americans were fed up with all the corruption, globalist agenda and we needed someone who gave a shit about actual Americans and our future! In two years President Trump has accomplished more than Clinton has in her entire political career! Do you know why? It’s because he’s putting America First, is following the Constitution Rule of Law and understands his base! Whereas Hillary used her position to pilfer, pillage and destroy anyone to keep power and money at all costs! Even now, she is still out there calling on her base to attack anyone who believes in America, American values and President Trump!


It’s time to really pay attention to what is being regurgitated on television, in movies and within the entire entertainment industry, because that’s how they desensitize and brainwash the innocent, ignorant masses into believing the lies. Every day each news network, as well as talk shows, get their talking points and buzz words, the next plan of attack for their anti-Trump, anti-America agenda. Democrats do not care about this country and its citizens. They want open borders, sanctuary cities to harbor criminal illegal aliens, to keep Obamacare, scrap the tax cuts and raise them, to go after our Social Security, Medicare and have already introduced Articles of Impeachment…for what? Now they’re newest narrative is the Attorney General William Barr didn’t read the entire Mueller Report and his hiding the results.  A prime example of how they hunger for lawlessness is the acting Attorney General of Cook County in Chicago, Kim Fox, who just yesterday the Chicago Fraternal Order of Police unanimously voted 'No Confidence' and demanded her resignation after she dismissed all 16 counts of felonies against Jussie Smollet after he staged an assault and hate crime!  She has been given financial backing by Nazi collaborator George Soros to the tune of $408k so he can control her.  In addition, Fox refuses to prosecute anyone that assaults a police officer during an arrest and even more absurd, will not prosecute shoplifters that steal under $1,000 or until arrested ten times!  This is lawlessness and disregard for not only our Constitutional Rule of Law and officer’s safety, but also to businesses in the state of Illinois! It’s completely outrageous and she should resign immediately!!!  I’m telling you they live in the ‘Upside Down World’, where right is wrong, black is white and fairies are real! 


There was one bright moment during the series- they spoke about old-school journalism.  Murphy Brown and her colleagues recalled a time when journalists were literally stationed in countries we had a presence in, with rolodex's full of real sources and how they did what it took to get the story right.  Now that news has been categorized and treated as entertainment, it’s all about click-bait, breaking a story first no matter if it’s fabricated or staged as long as it fits the latest propaganda narrative.  Unfortunately thanks to Barak Obama’s Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012, the media is now able to spread government propaganda in the U.S., which since 1948 had been banned.  This includes television shows that are now being used as a weapon to brainwash the unsuspecting masses into the far-left’s ideology and to spin their skewed history and narratives.

The Democrat's mob-like hive mentality of resist everything, urging their dwindling base to attack Patriots, Veterans and anyone who disagrees with their delusional vision of a socialist America, is very calculating! Their agenda is to break America down, halt any progress made by President Trump and deliver us into Venezuela type destruction! They do not want us to be prosperous. They do not want a critically thinking America, they want to control everything! Bigger government means no control over our lives, our destinies for our children and theirs, for generations to come! As the writers of Murphy Brown continue to spin their web of lies, towing the Deep State, Globalist line, little do they know that the world is awakening to their games. As horrific as the Kavanaugh Confirmation was for the Justice and his family, it truly highlighted the face of the Democrats and diabolical lengths to which the far-left and mainstream media will go to hold on to their power.

Time to pay attention to the propaganda and WAKE UP AMERICA because our young are being groomed to hate a country so many men and women fought and died for.  Our freedoms will disappear if we don’t rise up and fight to keep them. 

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Jayda Fransen is a former legal practitioner who founded a recruitment consultancy and later joined the Britain First organization in her mission to fight against Islamic jihad that has now gained a strong foothold in the United Kingdom and its court system.  She and Tommy Robinson, another well-known political activist in the UK, have been targeted for bringing awareness to the issue.  Fransen, a Christian, has captured the attention of Patriots around the world as she fights against a government who has essentially allowed a takeover, pushing traditional British values and laws out, ushering Islam to flourish at an unprecedented rate.   

Fransen caught the attention of President Trump in November 2017, when he retweeted her.  A month later she was charged for exposing the fact that a group of Muslim men were on trial for raping a little girl and subsequently served a 9 month prison sentence while enduring daily threats against her life.  She has since been harassed, going so far as to haul her off a crowded plane and then be detained on a warrant while on the way to spend Christmas with her family.  Her social media has completely been shut down across all platforms, the latest being a video she just released about Brexit.  In addition, she suffers the inability to support herself as all financial avenues have been blocked. 

On March 29, 2019 she was found guilty for the crime of hate speech for calling Muslims the “common enemy” and saying “we need to rise up against the biggest threat to the entire world which is Islam”.  What’s interesting is that upon reading the verdict, Judge Connor said, “I’m satisfied these words were intended to stir up hatred and arouse fear” and “I’m satisfied the words were menacing in nature”.  This is persecution in an attempt to stop getting the truth out.  She has  continued to speak out against the increase in Sharia Law within the UK courts and how Freedom of Speech, Nationalism, Conservatism, as well as speaking the truth is rapidly being outlawed not only in England, but worldwide. 

Douglas Ducote and I spoke to Jayda about the situation just before her latest court date on the Islam takeover. 

Fransen reports one of the most disturbing things happening is how Muslims are basically coming into a country, colonizing and creating “no go zones’ that prohibit an average citizen access to that specific area unless they convert to Islam.  They refuse to acclimate to a country’s traditions, customs, or laws and force their own way of life onto unsuspecting citizens of each country.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t help that much like in the U.S., these Muslim “refugees” are given a stipend, free housing, free education, free healthcare, which only fuels the problem and allows them to flourish. 

As with what’s occurring in the U.S., Fransen confirms that many Muslims have infiltrated key positions of power within Britain’s government adding, “the Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has stood on platforms, he has stood side by side with known Islamic extremists, people that are members of subscribed organizations”.  She also reports that alarmingly the majority of mayors throughout Britain are Muslim, in charge of the local councils where they ensure all positions around them are occupied by Muslims.  She feels that Britain has now been completely taken over by Islam rule, “It’s finished. London is gone. It’s been destined to fall since we lost our backbone and forgot the sacrifice our men made for us and gave it all away.”

While it is clear that what’s happening in the UK is now being pushed in the United States, this is a warning call.  The Democrat-Socialist agenda is to get rid of our Constitution, something many Democrats have been advocating for, claiming that’s its outdated.  But the truth is that they want to remove it.  Removing it allows those in government to completely change our foundation, ripe for an Islamic takeover.  Our entire culture, traditions, morals, values changed forever.  Replaced. 


How do you fundamentally change a nation?  You attack its core foundations. This has clearly occurred in the UK and it is beginning to happen in the United States.  Our country was founded as a Christian nation, our rights given by God under the Constitution.  God has slowly been taken out of our schools, sports, even in churches.  Fransen agrees that this has already happened in England, “Since we’ve turned away from God, our apostate nation is going absolutely nowhere.”  Degeneracy is at an all time high in England and God has been removed in a calculated way, on the heels of a cultural Marxist agenda, which according to Fransen, now has no real world leaders backing it. 


In America, getting rid of our freedoms is the first step.  A large one occurred right after 9/11 when the Patriot Act was born and the Department of Homeland Security was formed, which made it lawful to step on our Fourth Amendment Right to Privacy.  This is also why the Democrats scream about gun control, why they support illegal immigration to usher in as many Muslims as possible to literally infiltrate our communities so that they can be elected into positions of power in local, state and federal levels.  This Democratic agenda is why Political Correctness has stymied our culture and why anything said against Islam or anything else for that matter, is being labeled as racism or hate speech.  It’s not!  Simply put, the Islam ideology does not coincide with our nation’s Christian values.  This country was founded by God.  Why has God been removed from our day to day lives? Why are Muslims elected into Congress allowed to be sworn in with the Quran, instead of the Bible?  Why are our children being taught about sex at elementary school level, literally being sexually groomed at an age when their innocence should be kept?  Why are they being told there are more than two sexes, that they can choose what they want to be or how old they are? Why is it okay for a 10 year old boy, whose parents’ dress him up in drag then flaunt him in front of cameras and sell tickets so perverts can ogle him as a sex object okay?  Where’s the outrage? Why aren’t the parents being considered unfit?  Child Protective Services called?  This is pure insanity and everything that proves how morally bankrupt and degenerate our society has become!  Fransen agrees, “There’s just an overhang from the left, there’s no agenda, there is no plan. Just do whatever you want, self serving, self idolizing [society]. That’s why have our kids told they can choose your gender, your age, your race. It’s because when you take away all moral compass, and take away God from a nation of people, they are their own Gods and make their own rules.  The level of degeneracy is being promoted- gay marriage, pushing abortion, discouraging family, the future generations are ruined. They won’t exist.”

Another reason this is occurring is because it starts normalizing this type of behavior.  In the Muslim way of life and religion sex with prepubescent girls is okay.  Women are greatly oppressed, must be covered up at all times, the men have complete control.  This does not mesh with Western, Christian ideologies.  We have to fight if we want to keep the freedoms that we have or else this nation will become the next Britain and the jihad against the west will be won.  The Bible laid it out and we are definitely living in the End Times.


Jayda Fransen is enduring persecution at every level for her Christian beliefs and for trying to get the truth about what’s coming to America if we don’t pay attention, rise up and honor the men and women who have fought and died for our freedoms.  America will not survive and will become exactly like Britain and freedom will be taken away as we become beholden to Islam that will rule our land, our lives and destroy our liberties.

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Newly appointed Attorney General William Barr was sworn in on February 14, 2109 and subsequently met with Special Counsel Robert Mueller to be briefed on his investigation into the Trump campaign and if he colluded with Russia during the 2016 Presidential Campaign. It was learned they wanted to continue to investigation Trump for RICO violations, however, Barr said they were going far beyond the scope of the its original purpose.  Though media was reporting that it could continue through September, within weeks of Barr's briefing, to Democrats horror it the witch hunt was over. The more than $25M, taxpayer funded investigation was finally closed, and report delivered to Attorney General William Barr on Friday, March 22, 2019, who released a summary of the 300 page report.  It concluded what those of us in the real world already knew- no collusion with Russia by the Trump Campaign during the 2016 election and no obstruction by President Trump, complete exoneration!  The mainstream media and Democrats had a complete meltdown. Unwilling to let it go and accept the findings, now they're claiming that Barr is covering up the results and refusing to release alleged unnamed crimes committed by President Trump.  My question is if that's the case, wouldn't Mueller have been screaming from the rooftop upon Barr's summary? Interesting how Democrats accuse Conservatives of conspiracy theories when they are more than happy to concoct their own to appease their tiny little brains! 

For over 2 years the mainstream media gleefully, breathlessly, and deliberately reported day after day that Donald J. Trump, those within his campaign were working with Russian President Valdimir Putin to alter the outcome of the 2016 Presidential election.  In the end, a handful of Russians who will never be extradited to America to stand trial were accused of buying ads on social media, General Flynn, Paul Manafort, George Papadopoulos and Roger Stone became characters in the mix who early on were connected to the campaign, charged with crimes that had nothing to do with Russia Collusion, the purpose of the investigation in the first place!  Why?  Because Deep State connected Hillary Clinton lost her second attempt at gaining full control and power of the world via the White House. That’s what the Democrats and mainstream media wanted their sheeple to believe, but there was a more sinister plot they were trying to cover up…the crimes committed as those within the Obama administration, DOJ, FBI, Intelligence Agencies attempted a coup to stop Donald J. Trump from winning the election and later to oust him as the 45th President of the United States!  

Lives were completely destroyed by the Special Counsel’s investigation. Throughout the entire facade, the mainstream media and Democrats have continued their purposeful agenda to malign, obstruct and resist anything President Trump tries to do to right the ship that was sinking in quicksand!

But was the Special Counsel even legal?  Let’s remember that Former FBI Director and longtime Clinton fixer James Comey testified in front of the Senate Intelligence Committee that, “I asked a friend of mine (a Columbia Law Professor) to share the content of the memo with a reporter.  I thought that might prompt the appointment of the Special Counsel.”  It did.  Therein lays the question- were any of the charges brought against those caught up in the whirlwind, highly biased investigation legal if the way the Special Counsel came about was based on illegally leaking the memo?  That’s a question we have yet to answer. 

Did anything good come out of this deliberately orchestrated illegal treasonous attempted coup and Russia hoax that misled every American citizen?  I’d say yes.  It lifted the veil of corruption and exposed a bias liberal media. 

We learned that those at the top of our government abused their power in the biggest scandal in American history! The only people that colluded with Russia and committed treason, sedition against this country and President Trump were Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and those in the upper echelons of the FBI, the DOJ, Intelligence Agencies and the Obama White House. This should enrage and scare every single American!  It was a coup that even political thriller author Dan Brown couldn’t have conjured!  Those involved hate America, are anti-Trump and are paid puppets to the few globalist elite that have been gunning to destroy America for decades. These treasonous snakes subverted our Constitution, used their power and access to intelligence to illegally keep innocent American citizens in any way connected to Donald J. Trump, under surveillance violating the Fourth Amendment to Privacy. Think about that and let it sink in, then put your family and loved ones in that scenario of being targeted. Every single call, email, text, internet search, social media post, comings and goings recorded, logged and then utilized against you because you know Donald J. Trump or work with him.  Frightening.

But take it a step further.  You are the opposition candidate running for President against Hillary Clinton, who is so corrupt, hell bent on winning that she literally pays a British foreign spy named Christopher Steele for an unverified, fake dossier full of lies, then has her minions leak it to Buzzfeed.  The mainstream media puppets start parroting this false narrative and although the whole thing turns out to be completely fabricated, the FBI uses it in the application for a FISA Warrant to obtain surveillance on an opposition Presidential candidate. First obtaining it as an emergency, having then acting AG Loretta Lynch sign off on it, then it gets renewed four times with no real evidence before the FISA Court!  Where’s the outrage?? Not only did the FBI, DOJ and Intelligence officials illegally obtain this surveillance, they did so with impunity!  Remember when President Trump tweeted out that Obama had "wiretapped" him during his campaign? The media mocked him and Director of National Intelligence James Clapper quickly denied the allegation on Meet The Press, which we now know was a complete lie! 

While the Special Counsel’s witch hunt continued, the House of Cards was slowly starting to implode as week after week new revelations emerged about how Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe ordered self described “Super FBI Agent” Peter Strozk to open a counterintelligence investigation targeting the Trump Campaign called ‘Crossfire Hurricane’.  It was also discovered via texts between Strzok and his lover DOJ Attorney Lisa Page that they met with “Andy” (aka) Andrew McCabe and talked about an “Insurance Plan” to ensure Trump would never make it to the White House or to oust him upon taking office.  Strzok also continued to lie about the fake Russia narrative and his actions directly to Congressman Trey Gowdy during his testimony in front of the Congressional Oversight Committee. 


After Trump took office, those same individuals gathered to figure out how to remove him from the White House and it was learned that Rod Rosenstein even offered to wear a wire to entrap the President so they could invoke the 25th Amendment!  This is treason and sedition against a duly elected, sitting President!  It’s punishable by hanging and everyone involved in this failed coup should be held accountable!

While all this is disturbing, what’s even more diabolical is the way the mainstream media and Democrats have purposefully, knowingly lied to the American public throughout this charade!  Using propaganda, each day, buzzwords were spewed on every single news and talk show, in the New York Times, Washington Post, as well as other left wing publications and by celebrities who beat the same drum as if their elitist opinions matter.  Day after day they depicted our President as a thug, a conspirator, a racist, a Nazi, someone who was working against the interests of this country which couldn’t have been further from the truth!  The only people working against this country are those who believed they were omnipotent, plotting and planning to stop and remove a duly elected President by any means necessary! 

The mainstream media has become the most divisive tool used by the radical far-left, continuing their false narratives to benefit the Democratic Party.  Their day of reckoning has got to come! They colluded with not only the Clinton Campaign during the 2016 Presidential election, but also with key players in the FBI, DOJ, Intelligence Agencies, and in Congress willing to illegally leak classified information to spread disinformation time and time again! How did the mainstream media become this machine working against the country, regurgitating their own version of reality, deceiving the American people? 

It’s thanks in part to Barak Hussein Obama who was able to push through and pass the Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012.  What is the Smith-Mundt Act?  Originally passed in 1948, it essentially ensured that the U.S. media could not utilize their position as journalists to spread government propaganda to Americans.  It held journalists and news outlets to a standard.  That standard has hit rock bottom.  Passing this updated version was methodically enacted, pivotal in making sure only one point of view slowly seeps into every single news network, news outlet and television show.  This is a major reason there has been such a huge shift towards the radical far-left ideology, as we now see major public platforms like Google, YouTube, Twitter and Facebook cutting off Freedom of Speech to Conservatives. However, seems like anything goes if you support the Democrat-Socialist Party gunning to change this free country to a Socialist one with big government in control of everything.

Not only did the Obama White House utilize every single agency as a weapon, but it also grossly subverted our Constitutional rights to privacy and to freedom of speech.  It paved the way for the mainstream media to act as an arm of the Democratic Party to control the narrative, control the news by creating its own “fake news” and blatantly lie to every single American.

This is Abuse of Power at its most dangerous.  Plain and simple, when you control public opinion, you control the narrative.  A prime example is the hell Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh went though during his confirmation hearing! It was a 3-ring circus, complete with delusions and illusions that sparked the #MeToo movement.  Senator Dianne Feinstein calculatingly waited until he was about to be confirmed to bring a woman (Dr. Christine Blasley-Ford) from obscurity to the forefront who claimed she was sexually attacked by a then 17 year old Kavanaugh during a party in the summer of 1982!  However Blasley-Ford couldn't recall important details and gave conflicting testimony.  The charade culminated in full out war,  a public lynching that tore his family apart and ran them into hiding for what was proven to be a planned attack to stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed!  Senator Lindsey Graham's outrage said it all and resonated for those of us watching this travesty unfold right before our eyes!  As soon as it was over, Blasley-Ford went back into obscurity, while the media who had damaged the reputation of Justice Kavanaugh and his family, moved on to whatever was next on Democratic agenda to undermine President Trump and his America First promises. 

It’s time to start paying attention to how they operate, how they spin their stories, create baseless fear, refuse to name sources or gather facts.  American news has become a dog and pony show for the unsuspecting American, who looks to these news networks and entertainment outlets for their news. Time to turn the television off and seek out citizen journalists who are trying to get the real news out there that the mainstream media refuses to report. 

Ultimately the Mueller Investigation wasted taxpayer’s money on a fake Russia conspiracy theory that was concocted by those within our government that wanted to cover up their treasonous crimes and keep their power at all costs.  It revealed the deep darkness that lurks just below the D.C. swamp, how our mainstream media operates and work with their political counterparts.  It gave us an eye-opening glimpse of what is to come if we don’t start paying attention, rise up and stop it because if we don't our Constitutional Republic will cease to exist.  Freedom gone forever. 

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In 2002 FOX Network launched a talent show that would come to be a global sensation and revered as the most desired avenue to stardom- American Idol.  The concept was originally created by Simon Fuller (So You Think You Can Dance), based on a show in the United Kingdom called Pop Idol, which was wildly successful.  As reality television became more and more popular, Fuller made the logical leap and created American Idol which Americans embraced with fervor!  It was the first of its kind that utilized its audience to determine the winner, encouraging interaction with fans on a level never seen on American television.  As social media became more prominent, so did the popularity of the show, with hundreds of thousands aiming for that golden ticket to Hollywood.  It is one of the most watched talent competitions in the world that can make or break a dream.  The original series first ran from 2002-2016, hosted by Ryan Secrest, it launched the careers of Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Jordan Sparks, Phillip Phillips, Adam Lambert and so many more, allowing them opportunities that one could never have imagined twenty years ago. 

The series said sayonara to its original round of judges in 2016, some of the biggest names in the music industry, who mentored the young hopefuls as they navigated the rocky waters of Hollywood.  They included: Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, Randy Jackson, Steven Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Kara DioGuardi, Keith Urban and Harry Connick, Jr. 

Last year the series returned, with host Ryan Secrest, musical veterans, R&B Icon Lionel Richie, Pop Star Katy Perry and Country Mogul Luke Bryan as judges.  The show is now on ABC-Disney, a huge entertainment entity that has continued to influence our daily lives for decades!  From birth we are conditioned with anything and everything that has to do with Disney, whether it’s Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses or other lovable characters like Winnie the Pooh, we’ve all been sucked into the Disney Dynasty.  It owns and operates ABC Broadcasting, as well as cable television networks the Disney Channel, ESPN, A&E, Freeform. They own publishing, merchandising, music and theatre divisions, 14 Walt Disney Parks and Resorts worldwide and recently gained the rights to George Lucas’s mega multi-billion dollar Star Wars franchise, a movie series that millions continue to love and follow.   As of March 19, 2019, it has now taken over 20th Century FOX and will have total control over all its productions, including Sony Pictures Television, Warner Bros., all in preparation to up its streaming services Hulu and Disney+.  While it seems benign, it’s far from just an innocent purchase and has a more sinister motive.  What does it all mean and what does it have to do with American Idol?


Television, movies, music, and now the online streaming networks like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon all have a huge impact on our daily lives.  Who doesn’t have a cell phone, iPad, laptop or other electronic device that allows us to access our favorite content 24/7?  As the internet continues to be pivotal in marketing anything and everything, our lives have become dependent upon it.  The entertainment industry uses it as a major marketing tool, as they track our online activities, likes and dislikes, associations, but most importantly it’s being used to indoctrinate the masses socially, politically, economically. Evidence that those on the far-left are cracking the whip to ensure their version of reality is the only one we see is ramping up as tech giants Google, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and a plethora of online outlets utilize this power to sway public opinion, our culture and how we think.  This is why the merger of ABC-Disney and 20th Century FOX is so dangerous.  It’s about control.  Control of everything we see and hear through television, radio, sports and education. 

American Idol is a machine that while it appears to be innocently giving contestants as young as 16 years old the chance of a lifetime, it also shapes them.  What do I mean by that?  It uses its platform to bring issues to the forefront that are not so much about American tradition, but to push cultural agendas by the far-left and the Globalist Elite who run the world.  A prime example was on March 18, 2019 episode, when a contestant auditioned with the Allen Stone song ‘American Privilege’. The lyrics shouldn’t be much of a shock since the far-left’s newest narrative is that white men and Americans in general are supposedly the root of all evil:

Oh it doesn’t seem right, that I was born white 

And my parents don’t fight, told me they loved me each night

I don’t lose sleep for the kids sewing my sheets or the ones stitching my sneaks

As long as I can buy ‘em both cheap, well

American privilege is blurring my vision

Inherited sickness, robbing Peter to pay Paul 

Cash that paycheck, spend it all, build that house up big and tall

As long as I stay comfortable, cash that paycheck spend it all 

On shit I’ll throw away next fall

Build that house up big and tall 

Break the bank to build the wall

Immediately following the audition, Katy Perry exclaimed she loved that song.  Why is this important to recognize?  How many young kids look up to Katy Perry? How big is her following?  The minute Katy Perry said this, it planted the seed that her followers need to listen to this song and purchase it.  This is how the show cultivates the way our young people think- by utilizing a major celebrity, on a worldwide platform, that has millions of followers.  Was it orchestrated to a certain extent?  In my opinion it was.  It’s not an accident, it’s purposeful, meant to indoctrinate the young in this country to hate white people and believe that America, our traditions, culture and way of life is over indulgent and we should hang our heads in shame because of it. Hell, we had eight years of Obama who literally hopped around the world apologizing for America, bowing his head as if we were the biggest problem in the world!  American people have not been the problem, but our government has, as it has pushed the elite’s globalist agenda!  But that’s a topic for another time.

The notion that we should be ashamed about our country is preposterous!  We should be proud to be Americans, living in the greatest country ever created by our forefathers who brilliantly constructed our Constitution and Rule of Law that ensures every single American citizen has God given, inalienable rights to freedom! And let’s get something straight right now, for all those who believe this asinine narrative that we should be ashamed to be Americans, that we are over indulgent or that to be white means our lives are a cakewalk- what about thousands of white men who fought and died in the Revolutionary War to give us our freedoms? What about all the white men who saw the hypocrisy of the Democrats who ruled the south and wanted to keep their slaves, who bravely stood up, fought and died to free slaves?  Who owned the houses that hid and helped slaves to freedom during the Civil War? This ideology that just because a person is white, we are “privileged” is purely planted to incite racism, pit us against each other, to further divide this country!  No matter if you’re white, black, Asian, Hispanic, purple, pink or blue, the color of a person’s skin doesn’t automatically mean our lives are golden!  All races have had struggles throughout the world for millennia and still do today!  There is enslavement of every race around the world even as I speak now! My family has financially struggled for decades. My great-grandparents came over from Calabria, Italy on a ship to Ellis Island with nothing but the clothes on their backs.  They never asked for hands outs and worked hard because that’s what America is about.  It’s why millions have migrated here from all over the world to achieve the American dream.  And while the narrative by the corrupt puppet mainstream media and Democrats will have you believe President Trump doesn’t want people to migrate to America, it’s just not true!  We all want people to come here….LEGALLY!  

But what is the American dream and why do people risk everything to cross into our great country? It’s to have the chance to work for yourself, to earn a decent living and be free to accomplish your goals without the interference and control of big government. Most countries have world leaders who tyrannically rule and decide a citizen’s fate, ie how much money they can make, their education, health options. Remember that poor baby Charlie Gard who was denied possible new medical treatment by the UK courts? President Trump wanted to fly them to America so they could give their son a chance to survive, but the courts in England refused to allow them!  That is why having government controlled anything infringes upon freedom of choice!  Unfortunately, the young in this country feel they’d rather be taken care of and don’t believe in earning a living.  Socialism is now being glorified as what’s best for this country- big government control over every aspect of our lives, a method of government that has been proven not to work, time and time again throughout history!  Socialism doesn’t work, will never work and America must remain a capitalist country of opportunity. But I digress….

The American Idol machine is only one aspect of the bigger picture. When an entity like ABC-Disney controls a huge amount of content produced on television, movies, music, online and in sports, it paints the narratives we live by.  Look at all the Political Correctness that has gripped our nation and stymied EVERYTHING!  It's pure insanity! Entertainment and media giants spoon-feed the ignorant a version of reality and asks that we not question it.  When you control the mainstream media, entertainment industry and various other means of dispensing information, you control pop culture.  You control the masses, recreate history and tell them what to believe, what to think and what is best, instead of creating a platform that covets Freedom of Speech and critical thinking.  All the social media platforms are censoring conservatives, labeling anything that doesn’t fit the far-left’s narrative as hate speech.  This in itself is tyrannical in nature.  You have one party deciding what the truth is, what we should believe our country and President is about and if you happen to disagree with that narrative, you are silenced!  This is not what America is supposed to be.  Our First Amendment Freedom of Speech is being challenged and stripped away, along with our other freedoms.  Soon anyone that talks against Islam or Muslims in general will be jailed.  It’s already happening in other countries like England and New Zealand.  When will those who come to America that refuse to assimilate and use hate speech against this country be held accountable?  What about those in Congress supposedly representing America, who are spewing hate against the west and our culture? Why is it okay to hate America and what WE THE PEOPLE stand for? It's not!  We MUST stand up for our great country, our traditions, our culture and be proud to say we are Americans or it will disappear! 

It’s time to take a moment, start recognizing how these big entities are controlling our lives.  Pay attention to what our children are watching, listening to, being taught and then remind them that without freedoms given to us by God, there is no America.  Freedom will be dead and we will forever been enslaved to elites that will decide our fate.  

So the next time you tune in to American Idol, just pay attention to what is being said Between The Lines….

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I used to cover television and movies, interviewing actors, producers, directors from some of the most popular television shows, including The Walking Dead, The Vampire Diaries, Once Upon A Time, Supernatural and many more.  I’ve loved television my entire life. However, ever since I woke up, unfortunately I can’t even enjoy many of the shows on television because they are laden with far-left propaganda. It’s how they brainwash the young and innocent into hating America, what we stand for and plant their ideology. There is an agenda and it’s how they continue to divide this country by race, religion, sexual orientation and any other label they conjure.


Television was first introduced in 1939 at the New York World Fair.  It was a pivotal moment that forever changed the landscape for those who wanted complete control over public opinion.  It was easy in the 1950’s-1970’s with only three major networks, the news was controlled and anchors like Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather became our window to the outside world.  As programming progressed, we saw wholesome shows that reflected the American way of life, our core values of family & God- Leave It To Beaver, Andy Griffith Show, Little House On The Prairie.  Then in the 1980’s there were shows like The Cosby Show, Family Matter, Growing Pains, Full House, Happy Days, Family Ties, all doled out lessons each week, the heart of our country’s moral compass.


Fast forward to 2016 and the election of Donald J. Trump.  While there were always shows that poked fun at politicians, like SNL or Murphy Brown, the far-left didn’t pepper every single series with their propaganda and ideologies.  Now with the resurgence of old series with large audiences returning like Murphy Brown, Will & Grace, Rosanne/The Connors, Mad About You, the political rhetoric is at an all time high as they vilify the current administration and keep their warped vision of reality in the forefront.  Why?  Because they never thought she’d lose- Hillary Clinton that is, and those on the radical far left refuse to accept it.  That’s why every week a new narrative is pounded into our heads by the corrupt, activist mainstream media and entertainment industry.


This week I’m taking a look at The CW Network, which I have watched for years!  For those of you who aren’t aware, The CW caters to the tweens, teens, millennials and Gen X, with shows like the 15-year run Supernatural, Riverdale, Charmed and many of the DC and Marvel Comicbook hero type shows, including Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, Cloak & Dagger to name a few.These shows covet the supernatural, magic, witches, warlocks, aliens, demons, and artificial intelligence. However, the underlying message is to have a superpower or the ability to harness the supernatural is cool.



Their latest series is called Roswell New Mexico, a reboot of the 1990’s version of the series. It’s Executive Produced by Julie Plec, who created the popular teen shows The Vampire Diaries, The Originals and Legacies and it has garnered popularity after only seven episodes.


The series is set in New Mexico.  The main character Max Evans (played by Nathan Parsons), is an alien that arrived in the 1947 Roswell crash, awakened in 1998 with his two siblings.  His love interest Liz Oricheo (Jeannine Mason), is Hispanic, her family has been here illegally for 20 years, owns the local café.  They live in fear that ICE will come one day and drag them back to Mexico kicking and screaming. They also pit white men against Hispanic, already planting the seeds of racism and hate against white people, the latest narrative by the left.


So far the series has inserted the far-left ideology regarding the President, Illegal Immigration, the border wall, the Constitution, military and even God is fodder to get their points across to the unsuspecting youth, increasingly beating to the socialist drum.


Buzz words like “Undocumented Workers”,”anti-Immigrant” and dialogue like ”My freedoms aren’t protected under American Law”, “This place (church) used to bring me comfort. Do you believe in God? I don't know anymore” and mention of President Trump’s Space Force “So the President can sic his Space Force on us”, as if it’s a bad thing to be exploring our universe!


Episode 3 FINALLY introduced the Sheriff, a LEGAL Immigrant from Mexico who talked about legal immigration, Patriotism, and respect for the law!


REALITY CHECK: The Democrats and mainstream media keep saying the President claims about the crisis at the border is a “manufactured Crisis”. I’d say there is a manufactured crisis--- but it’s one THEY CREATED by helping to organize and fund through George Soros owned entities, these caravans to invade this country!

The reason illegal immigration is such a hot button issue is because it is draining us dry!  President Trump has said from day one, the issue is not that we don’t want people to migrate here, it’s that you must do it LEGALLY!


As of March 6, 2019, according to latest stats from border patrol, there are 25,791, 564 illegals in the US.  It costs $235, 832, 331 per day to deal with the illegal aliens which includes border patrol, medical/legal/humanitarian services, food, shelter.  The Immigration Courts have 900,000 cases backlogged and 90% of the cases with individuals saying they are seeking asylum are dismissed for insufficient evidence or the illegal never shows up for court!  This country cannot sustain itself catering to people here illegally.  There is not another country in the world you can go that deals with amount of illegals we have seen at our southern border and in fact, both Canada and Mexico have no qualms throwing you out of their country, even jailing you!


President Trump has proposed ways for over 1M DACA recipients for amnesty, however, the Democrats who quickly abandoned them, walked away, refusing to even come to the table!  They won't tell you there are many ways to apply for legal immigration- there are free services provided to those who have no money, free applications, free legal counsel. Remember six weeks ago the only thing we heard were how the policies by President Trump were ripping kids away from their parents at the border?  That narrative was echoed by every talk show, news shows and has been embedded in numerous series! It's another falsehood orchestrated by the Democrats.  Where were they when Obama did the same dam thing!  What the mainstream media and Democrats never talk about is how women and children are literally sexually assaulted and abused on the trek to America by coyotes who are paid by their families! Mothers give their daughters protection, knowing this will happen along the way!   Every woman and girl as young as seven years old that shows up at the border, is given a pregnancy test! How sickening is that? Where's the outrage?  Another tactic that drug and gun runners use to get into the country is bring a child with them!  Thousands are found to not even be with a family member, used as pawns in sick cartel games.  Where are the bleeding heart liberals?? Screaming that President Trump is a monster because children have to be separated!  News flash- it’s been going on for decades and no one cried wolf then?  The difference? Donald J. Trump is in the White House!

And let me talk about the wall for a moment.  Every single Democrat and Republican voted to have a border wall built at our southern border during Obama's administration.  They had no problem and in fact, they literally were on the news spouting how something had to be done because we can't allow illegal immigration into the fabric of our country.  Obama, Hillary, Schumer, Pelosi!  Now they block something the American people who elected them to represent us, desperately needs and wants!  Reality Check....these politicians are supposed to WORK FOR US! Instead, they use their power to further their selfish, globalist, socialist agenda for America- open borders, higher taxes, full term abortions, bigger government control!


Now back to Roswell New Mexico…basically everything the radical far-left ideology hates about America and our culture is embedded within this series.  What is its purpose? To create a false reality, indoctrinate through key buzz words thrown out by the hating mainstream media day after day.  There is an agenda- to instill hatred towards America, our way of life and morals, fuel racial tensions to further divide us and remove the notion that God exists.  Because if God doesn’t exist, anything goes. Why be concerned with what comes next?


The CW Network is only one example of how entertainment and media control the next generation and public opinion through propaganda. This is how they shape our culture and instill a skewed ideology meant to further their own warped agenda of globalist/socialist control.


Please leave comment, let me know what you think and I’ll share it next week!

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November 17, 2018

As each morning begins, the "journalists" aka corporate Deep State Media puppet mouthpieces at CNN, MSNBC, ABC NEWS, CBS News, NBC News, and Fox News arise, they grab their Starbucks and head into the office for another grueling day in the make-up chair, making sure they can read the script and pontificate their talking points with as much conviction, as they feign outrage and cry crocodile tears. They immediately check Trump's twitter feed like sharks circling their prey, hoping the President left a bloody morsel for them to endlessly waste air time bitching about how mean he is, how he hurts their feelings, and are calling them fake news! Interesting they have no problem calling for Trump's assassination or giving a pass to an "artful" rendition of Shakespeare in the Park with a Trump lookalike being stabbed to death!  Hell, CNN even had one of their own holding a faux-Trump ISIS-style severed head that looked so real, it traumatized the President's youngest son!


So why do they act so crazed and do these things?  The U.S. media’s sole purpose used to be to report actual real news, with some iota of journalistic integrity. Unfortunately, now it’s meant to create a false reality and perpetuate skewed characterization of our President, his family and administration in an effort to control public opinion as an arm of the Democratic party.  It’s called propaganda.  In 2013 Obama rescinded the Smith-Mundt Act of 1948 that banned propaganda in the U.S. That’s how the Globalist Elites control the world- they use and buy our politicians, celebrities and mainstream media as tools to keep us divided as a nation, fighting each other when we should be fighting against them! Every news network and talk show receive their orders at 4 a.m. daily on what the narrative will be, what lies they are to pound into those who blindly follow them 24/7! While celebrities are built up to gain massive followers to keep these false narratives against the President and our country alive, Hollywood has quickly become a cesspool of hate and depravity.  Now these celebrities utilize their status to brainwash the masses into their warped view of society.  Who can forget the recent shenanigans that took place on “The View” and the temper tantrum Whoopi Goldberg threw, so Sniggered (Snowflake+triggered) she disgracefully attacked well-respected FOX News Host Judge Jeanine Pirro which led to a shocking display of Trump Derangement Syndrome as she literally chased the Judge out of the studio screaming, “Get the fuck out of here”!  Not to mention egotistical and disgusting Alec Baldwin, who recently attacked someone over a parking spot and thankfully had his ridiculously irrelevant show cancelled.  Then there’s Robert Dinero who has completely lost all sense of humanity as he threatens the President of the United States every chance he gets as if he really is a mob boss!  This clearly depicts the depths of pure hatred, how low they’ll go and how calculated, callous, irrational, inhuman and unreasonable the behavior of the radical far-left has become.  They are incapable of having a conversation about any issue and dismiss real facts as fantasy. I guess if you’re in a Hollywood bubble your entire world is a fantasy! 


However, though they continue their usual parroting, it’s becoming more and more clear that it’s not working as people start to wake up from the matrix at an unprecedented rate…it’s called The Great Awakening! 

As the Midterm Election fiasco continues, with the Democrats clearly attempting to steal the election once again, it’s easy to see through the fictitious facade and the insidious plots to keep an icy grip on the power they so desperately vow not to lose, no matter the cost!  Democrats work with their media counterparts, leaking like a sieve to continue deceiving the public with stories they literally stage in a studio or on the street complete with directors, makeup and props! They refuse to drop this Russia hoax and cling to the belief that Robert Mueller is a God that will bring down President Trump, now demanding that the new acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker recuse himself! I’ve got news for them….it’s NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!


Why create such a hoax?  To cover up the fact they orchestrated a coup de tat to deny Donald J. Trump the Presidency in an operation that included all the upper `echelons of the FBI, DOJ, NSA, the Five Eyes and goes all the way to the Obama White House! Now as the declassification of the FISA documents looms like a dark cloud over their heads, the rhetoric by the radical left and mainstream media is at a fever pitch!  Nothing seems to deter them from their visceral hate and mission to delegitimize, bash, belittle, berate, demonize, vilify, and abhorrently disrespect the only President that has given a damn about this country since Ronald Reagan! Look at the latest unprofessional outburst by CNN’s narcissistic White House Correspondent Jim Acosta!  Except for a minute few, most of the White House Press Corp have no journalistic integrity nor do they operate under any type of professionalism.  President Trump was right to revoke Acosta’s press pass which should’ve been done months ago! Time to clean out these disrespectful activists, who are literally paid to attack this President and his administration! Enough is enough!  Americans are sick of it!

While Americans across the nation feel forgotten, those in the media, these "news anchors” with their six-figure+ salaries, sitting in their multi-million dollar studios, with their pristine appearances and condescending tones, spew their leftist, socialism ideology day after day, like the beating of a monotone drum. They continue to feed their small contingency of an audience lies as they shield the public from reality, protecting those at the top like mindless drones on a string.  Americans who have awakened to the hypocrisy and disillusioned mainstream media now flock to independent news like Infowars, the Drudge Report, Breitbart, the Gateway Pundit, Liz Crokin or other citizen journalists to find out the truth of what's happening. We the people are slowly changing the narrative and getting Americans excited about our country again. We the people, who's forefathers saw the potential of this great nation, the creativity, innovation and spirit of true Independence of what we could achieve, look towards a brighter future for our children, and children's children, generation after generation. That is worth fighting for!  We the people must rise, hold our ground and fight for this country to regain its morals, values and respect. The soul of this nation, indivisible and forever united, must be kept intact at all costs! It's up to us to combat all the hate, the violence, by spreading the truth in any way we can and pray for our President.

Now as these "journalists" sit on their high horses, in their own little bubbles, completely oblivious to what real Americans care about, spouting how the President looks like a thug, a goon, is a Nazi, a racist, criticizing every move and perpetuating their hate via false narratives, their ratings continue to drop along with their credibility and relevance.  So while theseminions working for Soros, Obama, the Deep State and Elites continue to launch their attacks and spin their web of lies, day after day, night after night, in their own personal world of fan fiction, the rest of us sleep a little bit easier knowing the man in the White House, Donald J. Trump, has our back. And when the time comes, "We The People", his Deplorables, will have his. God bless Donald Trump and God Bless America!

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November 9, 2018




Ever since the 2016 Presidential Election we’ve seen Hollywood spiraling out of control, with heavy weights like Robert Dinero, Alec Baldwin, Snoop Dog, Madonna and a plethora of D-listers coming out of the woodwork completely unhinged.  They’ve lost sight of what the America is about, what we hold dear and refuse to embrace the fact that this country was founded and is blessed by God.  We are “one Nation, under God” and as President Trump says at the end of every speech, “We all bleed red, white and blue”.  While the radical left scoff at the very idea, instead choosing to demonize our Founding Fathers and attempting to erase our history, Hollywood and the corrupt Mainstream Media have followed their cue.  However, there is a new trend that is slowly changing the tide of television as several shows start to turn towards God and our core values once again.  One is CBS’s new series, God Friended Me.

Created by Steven Lillen and Bryan Wyndbrandt (best known for Gotham and Hawaii Five-0), the series takes a hard look at several key questions most of us have pondered in our lives, asking is there a God? Is there a grand design? Why are we here? What is our purpose?

In the series opener we are introduced to an Atheist, Podcaster Miles Finer (Brandon Micheal Hall), whose father Joe (Joe Morton, Scandal) happens to be a Pastor.  We learn years ago his mother fought and beat breast cancer, only to be ripped away in a car accident.  Since then, Finer refuses to believe there is a God and uses his podcast to enlighten the masses to this ideology. 

Things take a turn when one day he receives a friend request from God.  Believing he’s being catfished, he rejects the barrage of requests, however finally ‘friends’ the God account.  Immediately he's lead to people that are in of help and along the way, finds his true calling.  Nothing is coincidence. It’s a simple concept that depicts what life is really about- love and helping others.  There is a grand design.    

One of the great things about this series is that thus far, there is no underlying political message, no agenda driven propaganda, which is a refreshing change!  Due to the political climate and thanks to the radical left’s infiltration of every facet of the entertainment industry, almost every single show on television, movies and music, carries their anti-America, anti-God, demonized message of hate, as they continue to pit us against each other using identity politics.  It’s been difficult to watch any television show without seeing through the facade and how they (Deep State/Mockingbird Media/Left) manipulate public opinion through it. 

If you look at TV’s humble beginnings, there were shows in the 1950’s like My Three Sons, Leave It To Beaver, Jackie Gleason. Between the 1960's to 1990’s we had The Andy Griffith Show, The Brady Bunch, Little House On The Prairie, Happy Days, Family Ties, Growing Pains, The Cosby Show, A Different World, Full House, Friends and so many more that coveted family, taught values. Sure, there might be a few digs on the political scene, but never to the extent that it is today.  Remember Touched By An Angel, Highway to Heaven and Joan of Arcadia? Those shows shaped our culture in so many ways, educating and reminding us that God is a part of our lives.

Today we see the resurgence of shows that had huge followings like Murphy Brown, Will & Grace, Roseanne (now The Connor’s) however if we take a deep look, it’s clear to see they are meant to embed radical leftist ideology such as gender identity, political identity, Globalism, Socialism and also to keep their false narratives in the forefront about the Trump administration.  Murphy Brown is a prime example.  The series immediately hit hot button issues like the Travel Ban, Climate Change and Transparency (See ‘The Murphy Report’ below) regurgitating the leftist mainstream media narrative on these topics, meant to fan the flames as the Midterm Election grows near.

Although network television clearly has a political agenda, shows like God Friended Me are popping up more and more.  Netflix has rebooted the popular 1990’s series Full House, now Fuller House, Executive Produced by John Stamos.  This series focuses on D.J. (Candace Cameron Bergen) and Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin), the girls now raising their own kids, with the original cast rotating in and out.  The great thing about the show is that it’s once again teaching values, how to treat people and navigate in today's society, something that has been sorely missing for the last 8-10 years. 

Another Netflix original series worth taking a look at is The Ranch, starring Sam Elliott, Debra Winger and Ashton Kutcher.  Executive Produced by Kutcher and Produced by Elliott, I love this series because it is pure Americana, depicting hard working American cowboys and highlighting family.  While it can be a little bit crass and does tackle topics such as abortion, cattle ranch struggles, big pharma and other political issues, it shows both sides- liberal and conservative.


While positive shows are on the rise, the radical left’s negative ideology and globalist agenda to shape our perception of life is moving forward full speed ahead. 

Last week on Expedition Unknown: Search for the Afterlife Pen Jillette, of the popular Las Vegas Magician duo ‘Pen and Teller’, is interviewed.  Jillette is a card-carrying Atheist, a Godless world believer. He had no problem urging the audience to focus on the here and now because in his opinion, there is no afterlife, no God, no higher being or greater purpose to life.  He feels we must live in the moment, not worry about or question death because there is nothing after it.  In contrast, six people who had Near Death Experiences gave testimony that Jillette's theory is 100% incorrect- there is most definitely an afterlife and God is very real. 

Expedition Unknown, hosted by archaeologist and adventurer Josh Gates, has a huge following after years of investigating various mysteries on the Travel Channel.  This is another example of how the entertainment industry tries to influence audiences with their ideology in front of millions who watch popular shows.  They shape our reality and slowly have been planting the seed that God doesn't exist, the afterlife is an unknown so there’s no need to worry about it or what you do in this life. To them it doesn’t matter.  Even the Pope astonishingly announced there is no Hell to billions who have been taught there is a Heaven and a Hell!  Next they'll denounce Jesus as our Savior and say he's just a fictional character in the Bible! But why put this ideology in the forefront?  In my opinion it’s to drive God further our lives because when you have no hope, no belief system, you are easier to manipulate.  

Ultimately the puppet mainstream media and radical left have succeeded in one thing- swaying public opinion.  Look at what they did to Justice Brett Kavanaugh, literally using the word “rape” repeatedly, making their sheeple believe this is what occurred when it was the farthest thing from the facts presented to the Congressional Committee!  They are all about control and telling the masses what they should think about a topic versus allowing us to use our critical thinking skills to formalize our own opinion. Why? So we do not question the narrative.

The entertainment industry is being used as a tool to reel in new 'sheeple' in hopes they will create hive minded people.  It’s already happening.  Have you ever attempted to have a conversation with anyone on the radical left? All they do is spew buzz words or phrases pounded into their minds by the media.  They are unable to form a single, cohesive thought or argument.  Many have no clue what the facts are on any given topic and when confronted they either revert to rhetoric or change the subject. It is time to wake up and realize how we are being manipulated.

In this day and age with so much unrest thanks to the radical left, it’s time to take a moment and remember that nothing is random or coincidence.  In Revelations it talks about how during the End of Days God would lift the veil and expose the truth.  This is what is happening in America and worldwide.  President Trump was anointed by God for such a time as this and everything unfolding is God’s plan.  We are literally in a war between good and evil.  I believe that within this plan there will be a reformation of the entertainment and media industries. Shows like God Friended Me tells me we are slowly turning towards what this country was founded upon and our focus is back on what makes America so special. As we all awaken from the matrix of a false reality and start to see the truth, more are turning to God for guidance, as well as comfort.

Now that old Hollywood is imploding, new producers and writers are rising up to fill in the gap to produce shows that are more uplifting, thought provoking, with a positive message.


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